4 Must have Printables- For Productivity and Organization

If you are always on the go and feel that you are losing track of things then you must read this.

Below are the 4 must have printables for moms and everyone who want to be organized and in control of their lives:

These printables could be given as a gift as well (Idea!!!)

(All printables could be downloaded here)

1- Water Tracker:

According to a research approximately 75% of Americans are dehydrated on daily basis and specially women are more likely to be dehydrated than men. Dehydration affects mood and productivity and overall happiness. Below is a cute hydration tracker which you could use for yourself or gift someone you love. I am sure they will love it because it is just so cute. This tracker could be left in the kitchen by the water jug or at work desk where you spend most amount of time.

Download all printables here

2- House Chores Tracker:

We all tend to get overwhelmed when we see a giant pile of laundry, dirty floors, dirty dishes, homework from school and the worst, all of this at the same time. Sometimes doing all of the chores at once is stressful and exhausting. In such situation you might want to use this house chores tracker and schedule your weekly tasks. This way you still get things done and you can enjoy some time and catch a break in this hustle and bustle.


3- Meal Tracker:

Another pain point for people who want to cook at home or they follow certain diet plan, sometimes it is hard to come up with the meal plan on the fly. For meal planning this cute meal planner as shown in the picture below, might come in handy. You can plan your meals, a week in advance and have a clear idea about what needs to be shopped on your next grocery shopping. It is a great gift to mothers to have a little stress out of their lives.


4- Habit Tracker:

Habit tracker is a great way to go when you want to cultivate some good habits. It is a personal development tool which let’s you have a visual of how far you have come along. You can keep these tackers on your desk or in your planner pocket since it is a leaf style habit tracker. So, take a moment to download and find new improved you for your better future.

 Habit Tracker

5- Mother’s Day Banner:

This one is a bonus for Mother's Day. This banner could be a great way to show mother’s some love and make their day the best “Mother’s Day” ever.

Mother's Day Banner

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